For the love of food!

I recently discovered, while clearing and tidying my computer photo library, just how many pictures I have of food. OK, so it’s no great surprise considering the other blog I author is about food and travel,  and my other income provider is my outside catering company. Still; everywhere I look there’s food! Whether its food that I’ve cooked, food at weddings and jobs I cater for, or food on sale at markets…Just so many pictures!

Food is a bit of an obsession, it can be extremely photogenic, the colours and textures catch the eye as well as tantalise the palate, the unrequited promise of flavours. Sometimes it’s not even about the food; it’s the act of creating it, serving it, styling it, or even the table setting and dishes it’s served in.

I really need exorcise my compulsion to photograph food, but until I do here’s a collection to make your mouth water….sorry if you have to go away and eat something!

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