The Royal Cambrian Academy open exhibition: private view

Selection of work from the Royal Cambrian Academy open exhibition…images taken from the RCA website and artists websites

On Saturday the 6th January the private view and opening of the annual open exhibition at the RCA Conwy took place.  It was a particularly poignant moment for me as last year when I visited my partner and I had just moved in together. This was a big and pretty momentous step for a pair who had been happily living on their own for three years, were confident about their independence and never intended to live with anyone again. We attended the exhibition together and collectively purchased a piece of work entitled ‘hopes and dreams’ by Susie Liddle which pretty much summed up how we were feeling at the time (and just happened to be the judges choice at the exhibition). It perfectly expressed our own aspirations both independently and collectively, as a couple. A year on we returned, only this time I’m an exhibiting artist, my partner is pursuing his dreams as a writer and actor and were both scraping a living as creatives. The year in between, despite being a roller coaster emotionally, has offered us opportunities to travel, to tick things off  our bucket list, to create, to find and focus on what we love and discover together. It has been exhausting, (we like to refer to it as “extreme relationship building”) but with plenty that’s inspired us along the way. Last year I finally felt brave and confident enough to submit work and to my astonishment and pleasure it was accepted for exhibition.

I can’t describe how chuffed I was to see my pictures on the wall as I walked up the stairs, but I gained just as much pleasure browsing the other art work on display. This year has a much more varied selection of  work; it was really lovely to see more photography, textile work, sculpture and collage. The overall winner of the judges prize was Louise Edwards with her two pieces ‘The demi-chef’ and ‘The red ribbons’. Both had a vibrant, almost cartoon like feel about them, which in a sea of landscapes (albeit some very good landscapes), is possibly what caught the judges attention.

As an art collector I’m always on the lookout for eye-catching pieces and this year I particularly liked Louise Morgan’s quarry painting and Peter Moore’s Llyn Bochlwyd II and Ffynon LLigwy. I was also taken with a couple of other pieces (but I’m a bad reviewer because I didn’t make a note of the name, I was far too excited about being exhibited and to be honest, the problem with being a creator and trying to make a living from it, is that this year there is no spare cash to go on a spending spree!!)

The exhibition runs until the February 10th.

The Royal Cambrian Academy can be found at Crown Lane, Conwy, LL32 8AN and is open from 11-5pm Tuesday to Saturday.




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