Abandoned (part 1): The Cloud House

It only dawned on me as I sat down to write this post that my blog update was some time ago: January 11th if I want to be pedantic. I admit i’m really bad at sitting down to write. I don’t even have the excuse of being very busy with work as I’m currently off sick awaiting knee surgery. I’m just really good at faffing, procrastinating and finding a million and one other things to do. Which is a concept totally at odds to the way I feel about writing; I love it!

But what I love even more is my photography. I’m a very visual, bigger picture kind of person which is why it appeals so much, and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for the past four months.

Getting out and about is not easy at the moment with my bad knee. My movement restricted and I can’t walk too far. If I do overdo it, I know about it the next day with extra pain to remind me I should be taking it easy. Unfortunately I’m not a take it easy kind of person and I get terribly frustrated at my inability to get out and about.

What I have tried to do is make short walks more interesting, thus ticking the fresh air and exercise box, while adding some interest and excitement.  In the process of doing this I have been lifted through windows, over fences and gates and shoved through difficult gaps. I’ve braved asbestos filled asylums, precarious floors and the pitch dark (I’m not a fan of pitch black spooky places). Along with my fellow urban explorers (usually my partner, daughter and son, plus a various assortment of extra friends) I have visited numerous well known and less well known locations and in doing so have discovered that urban exploring is addictive. There’s just that special something about finding historical time capsules, mysteriously abandoned or places where nature is rapidly taking over. It reminds me that everything is transient and impermanent and that we are all just a small blip in the planets history.

This is the first of four abandoned posts focusing on different places around where I live in Wales. The first story is the last place we went to, locally known as The Cloud House




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